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Trump To Campaign In Minnesota

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign announced this week that he would travel to Minnesota for a rally, marking the second...

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Congressional Republicans Move To Counter Biden Israel Arms Restrictions

Republican members of Congress are working to counter recent restrictions on arms shipments to Israel announced by the Biden administration....

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Trump Rules Out Haley As VP Pick

Former President Donald Trump made it clear this week that former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) would not be...

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Censure Resolution Introduced Against Omar

Articles of censure were introduced to the House of Representatives against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) this week over allegations of...

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Trump Calls For Special Counsel’s Arrest

Former President Donald Trump called for the arrest of special counsel Jack Smith amid new revelations from one of the...

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Biden To Expand Health Coverage To Some Illegal Aliens

The Biden administration is planning to expand health care coverage for some illegal aliens according to a proposed plan. The...

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Hicks Contradicts Prosecutors’ Statement

Former Trump adviser Hope Hicks testified in the New York criminal case against former President Donald Trump, contradicting a major...

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Trump Hints At VP Selection

Former President Donald Trump indicated that he may announce his vice presidential running mate relatively soon as several candidates appear...

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Trump Can Attend Son’s Graduation

Former President Donald Trump won a significant victory amid his current New York trial as Judge Juan Merchan ruled that...

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