NRA Endorses Trump

The National Rifle Association (NRA) endorsed former President Donald Trump this weekend, which could provide a significant boost for his campaign. The former president also spoke at the NRA event in Dallas and was joined by a number of dignitaries.

The organization announced the endorsement this weekend. Senior NRA official Randy Kozuch announced the support this weekend.

Trump heartily accepted the endorsement, stating that the Second Amendment was “under siege.” He also said that the NRA had been a chief backer and that his team would “quite simply, Make America Great Again.”

The former president said that gun owners had to come out to vote. “Gun owners don’t vote, what’s up with that?” he said.

Trump said that this may be because gun owners are a “rebellious bunch. Let’s be rebellious and vote,” he said. Trump called on the crowd to get their loved ones to come out to vote.

“With me, they’d never get anywhere, and we need that Second Amendment,” he said.

“We need it for safety because the bad guys are not giving up their guns, you know that,” added the former president.

While Trump was the headliner of the night, he was joined by other public officials such as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R). The governor promised to keep sending migrants northward to largely Democratic Party-controlled states.

Trump said that if President Joe Biden received another term in November, his “regime” would be “coming for your guns, 100% certain.” Trump cited Biden’s longstanding positions on gun control.

Trump described it as a “40-year record of trying to rip firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.”

The former president called upon the crowd not to support independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He cited a statement in 2018 where Kennedy called the NRA a “terror group.”

“He calls you a terrorist group,” Trump said. “Can’t vote for him.”

“Somebody said, well, you know, they like his policy on vaccines,” he added. “The other day, he said ‘No, no,’ he’ll go for the vaccine. He’s got no policy on anything.”

Trump called him a member of the “radical left. He always has been. His family is angry at him because he’s doing this.”

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