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Trump Makes Major Gains Among Black Voters

Former President Donald Trump has made major gains among Black and Latino voters, according to recent polls. A senior adviser...

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Charges Dropped Against Gold Star Father Who Interrupted Biden Speech

A Gold Star father who interrupted President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech earlier this month was cleared after...

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Supreme Court Temporarily Dismisses Texas Immigration Law

The United States Supreme Court blocked a new Texas law that made entering the Lone Star State illegally a state...

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Poll Shows La Pen In Lead In France

A recent survey found that the party of Marine Le Pen could win a majority in the country’s parliament should...

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Biden White House Cuts Deportations

The Biden administration significantly reduced the number of planned deportations compared to the Trump White House. President Joe Biden’s team...

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Pentagon Fears ‘Mass Maritime Migration’ From Haiti

The Pentagon warned that the devolving situation in Haiti could cause a significant exodus from the Caribbean country. The news...

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Military Vessel Headed To Gaza

A U.S. Army vessel is headed to the Gaza Strip to aid in a humanitarian mission in the wartorn territory...

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Netanyahu Says He Will Defy Biden’s ‘Red Line’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this week that his government would defy the Biden administration in ordering an attack...

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Five Dead After Failed Relief Paradrop

Five people were killed after a parachute attached to an aid package failed to deploy in Gaza earlier this week....

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