Eric Trump Implies Biden Could Be Arrested Over White House Cocaine

Former First Son Eric Trump said last week that President Joe Biden could face potential prosecution over the finding of cocaine at the White House last year should the Supreme Court not find that presidents are immune for actions they take in office. The statement came after weeks of speculation regarding whether or not the drugs were left by Biden’s son Hunter.

The son of former President Donald Trump said in a recent Fox News interview that should the Supreme Court determine that presidents do not have immunity, Biden could be prosecuted next.

They’ll probably go after Joe Biden for having cocaine in the White House. They’ll go after Biden for raiding his opponent’s home,” he said.

The former president’s son also said that Biden could be prosecuted for using the national Strategic Petroleum Reserve prior to the primary election in 2022, which Eric Trump alleged was done “so he could lower gas prices.”

Eric Trump also stated that should presidents not have immunity former President Barack Obama could be prosecuted over Operation Fast and Furious, which transported weapons to Mexican cartels during his time in office.

He also said that former President George W. Bush could be prosecuted over the rationale of the Iraq War.

“Where do you want to stop?” he asked.

Despite speculation that Hunter Biden may have brought the cocaine into the presidential mansion, the United States Secret Service instead indicated that they could not locate the individual who brought the substance into the White House.

Hunter Biden has admitted to drug use in the past. One photo found on his laptop was of him appearing to smoke crack cocaine while driving.

The Supreme Court is currently weighing arguments from Trump’s legal team that argue that presidents are immune from prosecution for actions taken during their time in office. Should the high court agree, the federal and Fulton County, Georgia prosecutions related to Trump’s actions after the 2020 election could be dropped.

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