French Prime Minister RESIGNS After Major Upset

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal said he would resign Sunday after a far-left political alliance was set to win the largest number of seats in parliamentary elections. The coalition was a surprise last minute formation before the snap elections started.

Paris’ Place de la République was also filled with 20,000 left-wing demonstrators on Sunday evening to mark the arrest. It is forecast that President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist coalition will come second.

The outcome was a devastating defeat for French righties, who had been banking on Marine Le Pen’s National Rally to pull through.

Several videos surfaced on social media showing scorching bonfires and police in riot helmets as they faced down demonstrators. As a result, police used tear gas and arrested around 20 rowdy demonstrators. Protestors were also seen hurling Molotov cocktails in the streets and setting off smoke bombs.

The Popular Front, a left-wing coalition, is made up of France’s Socialist Party, the French Communist Party, a green political party called the Ecologists and France Unbowed.

If elected, the bloc has promised to introduce a series of measures like canceling Macron’s pension reform and aiming for “a right to retire” at age 60. It also promises wage rises for public sector workers, to set up a wealth tax, and increase France’s minimum salary.

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