President Becky Pringle Shouts At Annual Teachers Union Meeting – Draws Criticism From Many

The president of the nation’s largest teachers union was hammered for a “completely unhinged” speech, where she screamed that they would win “all the things.”

The scene saw National Education Association (NEA) President Becky Pringle loudly and boisterously delivering a message about social justice at the union’s Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly in Philadelphia.

Pringle frequently strayed from her prepared remarks, promising that the union would “reclaim” public education. She went on to say, “But you and I know we can’t stop there. We have to transform it into something it was never designed to be — a racially and socially just and equitable system that prepares every student! Every student! Every student! Every one! With conviction and commitment.”

In the past, she has also defended against school choice on behalf of the NEA. “With determination and defiance, we will protect public education,” she said. “We will fight privatization. We will fight vouchers. We will fight any and all schemes to drain resources from our beloved public schools!”

Pringle blasted ex-President Donald Trump and the Supreme Court ”stacked” with conservative members. 

“We worked hard to rid ourselves of a tyrannical, deceitful, and corrupt White House. We did. But the reality is that the seeds that were sown during that horrible season continue to germinate,” Pringle said.

“Today, they sprout as vitriol toward our profession, increased marginalization of black, brown, AAPI, and Indigenous communities, rising hatred toward our LGBTQ+ siblings,” she said. “The seeds of hate manifest themselves as attacks against our freedom to teach and our students’ freedom to learn. They’ve mushroomed into poisonous spores of a stacked Supreme Court — one that continues to render decisions that attack, diminish, and disregard the needs and lived experiences of far too many Americans.”

“Our students are depending on us to win all the things,” Pringle said.  “All the things! All the things! All the things!”

“Did I say we ain’t going back? Ain’t going back!” she added.

Critics, however, likened Pringle’s fiery words to the scene with Dwight Schrute on The Office in social media comments. Parents Defending Education founder and president Nicki Neily slammed Pringle as well. 

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