President Biden Health Miscommunication – MAJOR Scandal

Earlier in the day, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Biden did not talk to a doctor after his debate against former President Donald Trump last week but reversed her statements later Wednesday.

According to three people who were either on or briefed about Biden’s call last Thursday said his doctor visited after watching the debate. This followed President Biden’s meeting with 20 Democratic Governors, despite the growing number of questions raised by fellow Democrats and political commentators about his ability to remain in position for a long reelection campaign after stumbling through a rough debate.

However, at a White House press briefing earlier in the day, Jean-Pierre told CNN that Biden had not been given “any kind of medical exam” since his annual physical in February.

“We were able to talk to his doctor about that, and that is a no,” the press secretary said.

“He hasn’t had any kind of medical exam?” Lee asked again.

Jean-Pierre replied, “No.”

Lee clarified on X Thursday morning that another White House spokesman, Andrew Bates, confirmed that “Biden was examined by his doctor in the days following last week’s debate ‘to check on his cold and was recovering well.”

A White House official also said Biden did not have a physical after the debate, just ‘a brief check,’ done with his doctor. Biden also said Wednesday in a radio interview on a Wisconsin station that he thought he “screwed up” the debate.

“I had a bad night, I had a bad night. And the fact of the matter is … I screwed up, I made a mistake,” Biden said, according to NBC News.

“I didn’t have a good debate. That’s 90 minutes on stage. Look at what I’ve done in 3.5 years. I led the economy back from the brink of collapse,” Biden continued.

After the debate, former President Trump criticized Biden saying, “[T]here is a BIG GAP for Crooked Joe to make up, and with his mind and memory completely shot, and marbles in his mouth, it’s not going to happen!”

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