Senior Commentator Van Jones Says Presidential Debate Crucial for Biden

Senior political commentator Van Jones shares his top concerns ahead of the highly-anticipated presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

The CNN-hosted debate against former President Donald Trump is scheduled to take place on Thursday in Atlanta. Under the rules, microphones will be cut for when speaking out of turn, and there will be no live audience. The last word, by coin toss, will go to Trump.

“This is the whole presidency in a bottle in a week,” Van Jones shares.

Biden will be spending the week at Camp David preparing for the debate.

“This is the entire election, as far as I’m concerned. The entire world will be watching. There — if you are a carbon-based life form, you’re going to be watching. If you’ve got a functioning brain stem, you’re going to be watching, because, if Biden goes out there and messes up, it’s game over,” Van Jones said.

“If he walks out there and a week later he’s lower in the polls, it’s panic in the party. But if he goes in there and he can handle himself against Donald Trump, a runaway train, a locomotive, a raging bull, then this guy deserves another shot to be president, because that is tough,” he continued. “You couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it. If you can stand toe to toe with a runaway train like Donald Trump for an hour-and-a-half, you are fit to be president, period, point blank.”

If Biden stumbles at a debate, “it’s game over,” he asserted.

Nearly every public appearance by Biden in recent months has featured a “senior moment.” By the way he has been freezing up onstage and mumbling entire sentences at a time, it is still unclear as to how well Biden will do in the showdown with Trump;

Trump is spending the week before the debate by hosting rallies in different states, from Wisconsin to downtown Philadelphia. Sources say Trump will not be conducting mock debates, contrary to what many past presidents have done.

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