Tren de Aragua GANG RAMPAGE Across the Nation

A man was kidnapped and murdered in Doral, Florida. Two New York City police officers were shot. A sex-trafficking ring that spanned several states discovered by law enforcement in Louisiana. These are some examples of the crimes being committed by a brutal Venezuelan gang called Tren de Aragua.

TDA emerged in the state of Aragua and its members, like most Venezuelans, have entered the US through its southern borders, as opened by President Joe Biden’s administration. In fact, Venezuelans account for one of the largest numbers of migrants into the US.

The gang has now established a partnership with the Nicolás Maduro regime in Venezuela and serves as a paramilitary force. They rule the criminal underworld and the many ways they earn a living.

TDA was largely unknown to the public until 2022, however, recent activities of its members are starting to get attention from law enforcement and the mainstream media. According to El País, the criminal organization was linked to kidnapping and killing a former Venezuelan soldier in Santiago last year.

A source inside the U.S. Customs and Border Protection told FOX News that the Biden Administration was warned about TDA, but didn’t view it as a significant matter at the time. With recent events, there is a growing concern over the presence of such Latin American gangs residing in the US.

The TDA share many of the same characteristics as long-tattooed MS-13 members but, unlike the gang that terrorized El Salvador for years, they don’t cover their face with tattoos. Yes, TDA members bear a couple of tattoos, but most are kept concealed.

Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens wrote on X this past April, “Beware of this gang,” beside a picture of a member of the TDA.

According to NBC Chicago, local law enforcement agencies are investigating more than 100 criminal cases in Illinois and Indiana linked to allegedly affiliated TDA members. Cook County authorities have arrested several members (at least two) on charges related to weapons and narcotics.

Venezuelan criminal histories are not, for the most part, shared with Customs and Border Protection, even if they exist – so despite the Biden administration’s assurances that its “vetting” process will lessen concerns by Americans about who is being sent throughout the country.


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