Trump Boosts Pennsylvania Support In Rally

Former President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Pennsylvania this weekend, criticizing President Joe Biden amid the large missile and drone attack launched by Iran against Israel. The former president is looking to shore up the state after a number of recent polls showed him nearly tied with or leading Biden there.

The former president held a rally at the Schnecksville Fire Hall in Lehigh County on Saturday, receiving significant enthusiasm from the crowd.

The former president was hoping to recapture the momentum that propelled him to a surprise win in the state in 2016. Following the win over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton there, Trump narrowly lost the state to Biden in 2020.

During the rally, the president called the president a “stupid person.” The former president discussed the sharp increase in prices since Biden took office in 2021.

Trump touched on the attack in Israel, stating that it would not have happened if he was president.

“We will return the world to peace through strength,” he told the crowd. The former president said that the country was “respected” during his time in the White House and is now considered a “joke” under Biden.

“The weakness we’ve shown, it’s unbelievable, and it would not have happened if we were in office,” Trump said.

The former president also mentioned that his first criminal trial will start Monday in New York City. He called the prosecutions the “Biden trials.”

Trump said that he was under a gag order from Judge Juan Merchan, who he called “corrupt and demented.” The former president said that the charges were political and that he “did nothing wrong.”

He also mentioned positive poll results, which have indicated Trump polling well in both in national and state races.

The audience chanted “We love Trump” after he discussed the charges against him. He said that he had been indicted more than gangster Al Capone.

“They’re destroying the country in every way,” the former president said. He called charges against him “hoaxes.”

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