White House LASHES OUT – Biden FURIOUS After FALSE Claims

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said “right-wing” media were behind “cheap-fake” videos of President Joe Biden on Monday. 

Jean-Pierre called these videos, showing President Biden appearing to freeze up or walk away during public appearances, “misinformation” and “disinformation.” In short, there is a “credibility problem” in the right-wing media, she said.

She goes on to describe a cheap fake as a clip cut shorter than the original or filmed from an unfavorable angle. However, she failed to acknowledge that one of the videos came from a Hollywood Reporter journalist who had no affiliation with the right-wing media sphere.

Steve Doocy, providing context in the controversy, explained the Biden administration’s stance on these videos on ‘Fox & Friends ‘. He clarified the distinction between ‘cheap-fakes’ and ‘deepfakes’, stating that a ‘deepfake’ is generated with the help of AI or other software, manipulating what President Biden is doing or saying. In contrast, a ‘cheap-fake’ is a clip that is cut shorter than desired or from an angle that is not preferred, as was the case with these videos.

Doocy also noted that the videos aren’t doctored, even if they omit the context the White House would prefer to discuss. “Many of these clips are missing context. That does not mean serving people are not doing things in plain sight,” he said.

Contrary to the White House’s offensive against these videos, masquerading as so-called ‘cheap-fake’ videos, this may not be the most effective PR tactic. The videos, while not doctored, highlight situations that have been repeating themselves throughout Biden’s presidency. It could be more compelling to tell voters experiencing this firsthand that they are seeing or feeling something that is not there.

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