Trump Wins Michigan Primary

Former President Donald Trump won a large victory over former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley during Tuesday’s Michigan Republican presidential primary. The win is the latest in a string of victories for the former president and the latest loss for the former governor.

Trump appeared to win the primary by almost 40%, bringing in about two-thirds of the vote. The president said Tuesday that it was a “great day.” He also said that Democrats had devastated the Michigan automobile industry.

Trump said that the numbers “are far greater than we even anticipated.”

“I can tell you this November cannot come fast enough,” he said. “We have the worst president in history—the most incompetent and the most corrupt president, and we can’t let this continue.”

Trump had been favored in the state primary by a large margin leading up to the vote. The former president is currently leading in every national and state poll over Haley and defeated her last weekend in South Carolina, her home state.

Haley picked up more than a quarter of the votes in the primary, attracting about 28% of the vote.

President Joe Biden also won the Michigan Democratic Party presidential primary over minor candidates.

A number of activists called for Democratic voters to cast their ballots for ‘uncommitted’ rather than the president in protest of Israel’s ongoing war with the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza.

The surprising strength of the uncommitted votes may spell trouble for Biden in the coming November election. The president is facing significant pressure from different demographic groups that he would need in order to defeat Trump there in November.

Biden only narrowly won the state in 2020. Trump won the state over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Even a small decline in support for Biden among the state’s Black and Muslim-American voters could mean losing the state. A significant number of Michigan Muslim-American leaders have stated that they would not be supporting Biden in November and some have even considered supporting Trump.

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