Balloon Flying Over Utah Not A Spycraft

Defense officials confirmed that the mysterious balloon seen flying over Utah last week was not actually a Chinese spy balloon. Instead, it appears to have been a balloon released by a hobbyist rather than a hostile craft.

The discovery of the new craft brought back memories of the Chinese spy balloon that flew over much of the country about this time last year before being shot down off the coast of South Carolina.

Following the sighting of the balloon, Air Force craft quickly intercepted it. The balloon was not shot down and was moving at a swift pace.

Following the discovery of the new craft late last week, Pentagon officials were quick to say that they did not believe that the balloon was a national security threat. The Department of Defense also said that the balloon was not a risk to commercial air travel.

The Pentagon stated that the balloon was flying at about 45,000 feet. The craft was also carrying a cub about two feet wide. The shape and size of the current balloon were significantly different than the Chinese spy balloon that transited the continental United States last year.

The Pentagon is not sure of the exact origin of the balloon but believes that it was launched by a hobbyist. Following the interception last week, the craft has already left American airspace.

The latest balloon sighting came amid fears that China was expanding its spying operations. The country’s island neighbor of Taiwan has sighted a number of Chinese balloons flying over or near its airspace.

China allegedly launched a number of spy balloons against Taiwan prior to that country’s important presidential election. At least one of the balloons flew over a Taiwanese military base.

American officials believe that the craft that flew over the United States last year was able to communicate back to Beijing using American communications infrastructure. Despite the initial belief that the balloon was unable to send back significant information to China, defense officials now believe that at least some data got back to the People’s Republic.

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