Trump Seeks Black Support In Rally

Former President Donald Trump significantly criticized President Joe Biden, citing a 1994 anti-crime bill pushed by Biden when he was a U.S. senator. Trump’s words came as the former president has gained substantially among Black voters in a series of recent polls.

Trump held an event at the 180 Church in Detroit, calling for an increase of support among Black voters.

“Look, the crime is most rampant right here and in African American communities,” he said. “More people see me, and they say, ‘Sir, we want protection. We want police to protect us. We don’t want to get robbed and mugged and beat up or killed because we want to walk across the street to buy a loaf of bread.’”

Trump also criticized Biden for writing the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. Trump called it “devastating,” and cited Biden calling some criminals “super predators.”

“That was Biden. You know, he walks around now talking about the Black vote. He’s the king of the ‘super predators,’” said Trump.

Trump set the rally for near Detroit, Michigan. The state may ultimately decide the presidential election in November. Trump carried the state narrowly against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016 and narrowly lost it in 2020.

Biden appears to be having other issues in Michigan, as well. A number of Muslim Americans have spoken out against his candidacy since the start of Israel’s war against Hamas in October of last year. Some Muslim American leaders called for their followers to vote for ‘uncommitted’ in the Democratic Party presidential primary rather than supporting Biden.

The support has increased significantly in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Other national polls have shown Trump’s backing among Black voters increasing substantially over four years ago.

A recent Suffolk poll showed Trump both stronger and Biden weaker among the demographic.

In Pennsylvania, Biden received 56% support among Black voters, compared to about 90% four years ago. Trump carried 11%, while Professor Cornel West was supported by 8% and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy received 7%.

In Michigan, Biden led with 54%, which was also well below his 2020 total. Trump came in second with 15%. Kennedy received 8% and West came in fourth with 6%.

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