Bannon Ordered To Prison

Former adviser to former President Donald Trump Steve Bannon was ordered to report to prison by July 1 due to charges stemming from not testifying before Congress. The former adviser to Trump denies any wrongdoing and said that he received advice not to testify.

Bannon was sentenced to four months in prison for contempt of Congress. He was convicted of the crime in July 2022 after refusing to testify before the Jan. 6 House committee.

Bannon had appealed the decision and remained out of jail. However, the decision was upheld by a federal appeals court in May. A U.S. District judge revoked the former advisor’s bail and ordered him to report to prison.

Despite the order, Bannon said after the ruling that “there’s nothing that can shut me up and nothing that will shut me up.”

“There’s not a prison built or a jail built that will ever shut me up,” he added.

The former presidential adviser said that Trump would win the November election “in an amazing landslide.”

The former Trump administration official said that he acted on the advice of counsel in not testifying before the committee.

“I want to say one thing — I respect the judge, the sentence he came down with today is his decision. I’ve been totally respectful to this entire process on the legal side,” Bannon said.

While Bannon admits that he did not testify before Congress, both he and a number of conservatives have noted the nature of the jailing. Other high-profile individuals have ignored orders to testify before Congress.

This includes the son of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden. He was subpoenaed to testify before Congress but ultimately decided not to. He would later testify in a closed session after reportedly violating the terms of the first demand.

Another former Trump adviser, Peter Navarro, is serving a four-month prison sentence for also refusing to testify before Congress.

Bannon had served a key adviser to the former president for part of his first term before Trump fired him.

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