Biden Receives Historically Low Approval Ratings

President Joe Biden received the lowest average approval rating of any recent president, according to Gallup. The diminished approval ratings come as former President Donald Trump has pulled ahead of Biden in a number of state and national polls.

Gallup found that Biden received under a 39% approval rating in the first quarter of his fourth year in the White House. This was below all modern presidents. This included Trump, who received nearly 47% at the beginning of 2020.

The poll also placed Biden below other leaders, including former President Ronald Reagan, who received the support of almost 55% of Americans during his time in office.

This was the lowest record since 1956 and represented a decline in approval for Biden since the last quarter.

The former president has been gaining in recent polls, including one CNN survey that found him 6% ahead of Biden. When third-party candidates were included, Trump’s lead jumped to 9%.

Trump has received considerable support from his ongoing criminal trials. The former president claims that the cases are actually helping him instead of hurting him. After the first day of the New York case revolving around allegations stemming from a reported brief relationship with former adult actress Stormy Daniels, Trump received $1 million in campaign donations.

Furthermore, the former president is getting the benefit of the doubt from many Americans. A recent poll found that fewer Americans believe that if Trump is convicted at trial it will affect his fitness to return to the White House.

Part of this support could be seen during multiple stops by Trump in New York after court proceedings. He was met by cheering crowds of supporters and said that his campaign would make a serious push to try and win New York.

This comes as a large majority of Americans expressed concern over the ability of Biden to remain president. In particular, survey respondents said that they were concerned about Biden’s physical and mental health. At 81, Biden is the oldest president in American history.

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