Bomb Threat Sent To Jewish Groups

About two dozen Jewish groups in the New York area received threatening messages indicating a possible bomb attack late last week amid increasing tensions and a call for rioting similar to that of 2020. The news comes amid the growing protests on college campuses and an increase in antisemitic rhetoric during the current conflict in the Middle East.

A number of New York synagogues and Jewish organizations received bomb threats last week. According to the message, it read “if you see this email just have notice of a bomb I have set inside of your building.”

“This isn’t a threat,” read the message marked sent from “Terrorizers111,” continuing, “I have set a bomb in your building, you have a few hours to disarm or else blood will shatter everywhere.”

The message was sent to 21 synagogues and Jewish centers in New York City, as well as two in Upstate New York and one on Long Island. This also came as a similar message was sent to the New York Landmarks Conservancy.

The threats came amid concerns about the antisemitic words of the protesters and fears of links to terrorist organizations.

The left-wing group The People’s Forum hosted an event in Manhattan last week in which the group’s leader Manolo De Los Santos called for rioting. The group’s leader said previously that there should be a “final blow to destroy Israel.”

According to De Los Santos during last week’s event, activists should give President Joe Biden a “hot summer.”

He also called on the group to “make it untenable for the politics of usual to take place in this country.”

The radical leader also called for a return of the “summer of 2020,” when there were widespread riots across the country following the death of George Floyd.

The People’s Forum has significant ties to left-wing organizations, including to the Chinese Communist Party.

Protests have also expanded on campuses, including one that interrupted a college graduation ceremony in Michigan.

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