Fetterman Rebukes Harris Over Israel Criticism

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) criticized Vice President Kamala Harris over her comments regarding the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. Harris stated during a weekend media interview that Israel should accept a ceasefire and that she understood the current situation because she studied “maps.”

Harris said last week that an attack on Rafah would be a mistake, stating that she studied maps of the conflict and that Palestinians would have nowhere to go.

“We have been clear in multiple conversations and in every way that any major military operation in Rafah would be a huge mistake,” she said. “Let me tell you something: I have studied the maps. There’s nowhere for those folks to go.”

“We’re going to take it one step at a time, but we’ve been very clear in terms of our perspective on whether or not [an invasion] should happen,” the vice president said.

Fetterman posted a screenshot of a story on Harris’ comments on social media and wrote “Hard disagree.”

“Israel has the right to prosecute Hamas to surrender or to be eliminated,” wrote Fetterman.

“Hamas owns every innocent death for their cowardice hiding behind Palestinian lives,” he wrote.

Harris’ comments echoed earlier statements by the Biden administration regarding the ongoing conflict. President Joe Biden said previously that an attack on Rafah would be a “red line.”

However, Biden later retreated from the statement, although the administration hinted that it could withhold aid to Israel depending on the country’s actions.

Israel also expressed displeasure with the White House regarding a United Nations vote this week. The United States abstained on a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in the conflict and did not veto the Security Council measure.

The United States said that it decided to not veto the measure because it did not specifically mention Hamas.

In exchange, the Israeli government announced this week that it would not send a diplomatic delegation to Washington to discuss the ongoing conflict, including in Rafah.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country would launch an attack on Rafah regardless of pressure from the Biden administration.

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