Former Hunter Biden Client Claims Potential Fraud

A former client of First Son Hunter Biden argued that the president’s son received $1 million for services not rendered. The disagreement comes amid an expanding investigation by Republicans in Congress about the business dealings of the Biden family, including Hunter Biden’s payments from foreign sources.

The president’s son allegedly received $1 million from a Chinese company to act as an attorney for one of their employees. Now CEFC Energy argues that he did not adequately represent Dr. Patrick Ho.

The client is now seeking the money back and says that it will sue unless the president’s son does not return it within seven days.

A letter from Dr. Ho states that their agreement should be canceled immediately and demanded a detailed list of Hunter Biden’s legal services and reimbursement for any unused funds. The letter to Hunter Biden’s attorney cites a $1 million retainer sent from CEFC to a firm co-owned by Hunter Biden in 2017.

Just over two weeks after the payment, Dr. Ho was arrested in New York following a flight from Hong Kong.

The Chinese national was convicted on bribery charges in 2019 and was sentenced to three years in jail and deported to Hong Kong.

The letter argues that Hunter Biden kept the money but did little legal work. According to Dr. Ho, the president’s son called another attorney and also showed up late to a meeting the morning he was arrested.

Furthermore, the client argues that Hunter Biden did not visit him in jail once. The president’s son’s name also does not appear as his attorney on paperwork during the legal proceedings. Hunter Biden said under oath that he received funds as part of his own law firm.

When asked by Judge Maryellen Noreika about the payment, he said that he was doing legal work for Dr. Ho.

IRS investigator Joe Ziegler testified before congressional investigators that evidence indicated that the money “was not for legal fees and was misrepresented by the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office in the statement of facts, and that its ultimate purpose was still under investigation” by the Department of Justice.

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