Greene Seeks Fani Willis Disbarment

Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis (D) is facing increased pressure amid accusations of an illicit affair with the man she later appointed special counsel in the ongoing criminal case against former President Donald Trump and a number of Republican defendants related to the 2020 election. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is seeking to have the district attorney disbarred over what Greene calls dishonest conduct.

Greene announced the complaint against Willis on social media this week, arguing that the district attorney “should’ve been removed from her political persecution of President Trump after it was revealed she went on lavish vacations with her lover Nathan Wade. The lover she paid HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars!”

“Unfit to serve!” wrote Greene.

Fulton County Superior Judge Scott McAfee ruled that the defendants’ attorneys “failed to meet their burden of proving” a conflict of interest between Willis and her reputed lover Nathan Wade.

Willis appointed Wade to the Trump case despite not having significant experience in the field. Wade spent thousands of dollars on shared trips and experiences with Willis and received a large salary for his work on the case.

Willis and Wade each deny the affair accusations, while attorneys brought forward evidence of the secret relationship.

Willis was ordered by the court either to step down from the Trump case or have Wade leave.

Wade tendered his resignation earlier this month, stating that he was leaving “in the interest of democracy, in dedication to the American public and to move this case forward as quickly as possible.”

The district attorney wrote that Wade was “brave enough to step forward and take on the investigation and prosecution of the allegations that the defendants in this case engaged in a conspiracy to overturn Georgia’s 2020 Presidential Election.”

She also called him an “outstanding advocate.”

Trump criticized both Wade and Willis on social media. The former president wrote in a Truth Social post that Wade was “the ‘Special,’ in more ways than one, Prosecutor ‘engaged’ by Fani (pronounced Fauni!) Willis, to persecute TRUMP for Crooked Joe Biden and his Department of Injustice, for purposes of Election Interference and living the life of the Rich & Famous.”

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