Jordan Portrays Trump Trials As Election Interference

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said last week that the ongoing criminal trial against former President Donald Trump was helping, rather than hurting his campaign. The comments echoed those of the former president, which was further buttressed by a significant fundraising haul recently.

Jordan said during a Fox News interview that the different criminal prosecutions of the former president were part of a “conspiracy to impact the 2024 race.”

“That’s what the American people see,” he said.

Jordan also said that there were other questions surrounding the Department of Justice, including the discovery of cocaine in the White House last year.

“We don’t seem to get the answers to those questions but, oh, you can have someone like Jack Smith go after Trump,” he said.

The former president had to miss his wife Melania’s birthday due to the ongoing trial.

Following the end of the first day of Trump’s New York trial, the former president raised more than $1 million. The New York case stems from an alleged brief relationship between the former president and former adult actress Stormy Daniels.

The former president was also greeted by multiple cheering crowds after different court sessions ended in New York. The former president said that his campaign would make a serious push to win New York, which hasn’t been won by a Republican presidential candidate in several decades.

Another recent poll showed that a large portion of the American public believes that whether or not Trump is convicted in one of the criminal trials would not impact Trump’s fitness to serve another term. The poll followed several that showed significant concern over President Joe Biden’s physical and mental fitness for another term.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing and accuses the Biden administration of launching a conspiracy against him, which he terms election interference.

Despite the criminal cases against him, the former president has received several positive national and statewide polls. Trump has led in a number of the crucial swing states that may decide November’s election.

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