Large Majority Sees Biden As Unfit

A recent poll showed that a vast majority of Americans believe that President Joe Biden is not fit for the presidency following a number of verbal stumbles and the release of special counsel Robert Hur’s report regarding Biden’s alleged retention of classified documents. The latest poll is one in a series that shows significant concern among the public regarding whether or not Biden was too old or unhealthy for the White House.

According to the recent Quinnipiac poll, two-thirds of American voters believe that Biden’s age could limit his ability in a possible second term. Only 34% said that they were confident in the president’s mental fitness. Another 35% said the same about Biden’s physical fitness.

However, the news appeared to be worse for Biden as 60% said that they believed that Trump was physically healthy enough for the job.

The recent poll followed a number last year and this year that indicated large majorities believing that Biden, aged 81, is too old for the job. Should Biden serve another full term, he would leave office at 86. He is already the oldest president in American history.

Hur’s report found that Biden most likely willfully retained documents from his time as vice president. Some of the sensitive records were stored in his garage.

Despite the findings, the special counsel declined to prosecute the president, in part because of the belief that in court Biden would present himself as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Furthermore, the report indicated that Biden had trouble remembering basic elements of his life, including when he was vice president and when his son Beau Biden died.

Following the release of the report the president held a press event in which he denied having memory lapses and asserted that he was the best person for the job. However, during the same event, the president confused the nations of Mexico and Egypt.

Biden also had a number of difficult events showing his age last year. The president fell down during the Air Force Academy’s graduation and slipped up the stairs to Air Force One several times.

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