Mexican State Government Aids Migrant Caravan

A Mexican state government reportedly aided a migrant caravan as it traveled northward toward the United States. The news came after 2023 saw the highest number of attempted illegal immigrant crossings into the United States in the nation’s history.

The state of Oaxaca reportedly aided hundreds of migrants traveling northward. The state allowed the migrants to use buses and trucks during their journey. Furthermore, the state also allowed migrants to rest at a sports arena.

The current caravan has been traveling northward for about a month after starting at Mexico’s southern border.

As the migrants traveled northward, local Mexican authorities gave the migrants shelter.

The migrants are headed to Mexico City, to then travel further to the U.S.-Mexico border. The migrants have also received travel permits from Mexican officials as they travel northward.

Despite the efforts of officials in Oaxaca, there has been some additional action taken by the Mexican federal government. Mexico City has enacted a partial crackdown on the migrants, moving some back to their own southern border.

Last year federal law enforcement officials reported more than three million attempted illegal immigrant crossings into the United States, the highest on record. This included more than 300,000 such encounters in December 2023 alone, which also set a new monthly record.

The actions of Mexican officials contrast sharply with the statement of the incoming president of Panama, who stated that his country would shut down the migrant corridor connecting North and South America. The Darien Gap was used by about 500,000 migrants to enter the continent last year.

A harsh jungle, the area is a key route for many migrants escaping issues in South America. This includes thousands of individuals attempting to flee Venezuela, which is undergoing an economic collapse due to its country’s socialist government policies.

The shutting of the corridor could have a significant impact on the flow of migrants into the United States. Despite criticism of former President Donald Trump, Mexico built a border barrier to block migrants from entering from Central America.

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