NYC Sees Sharp Increase In Homelessness

A report from the office of New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) stated that the city saw a sharp increase in homelessness in part of 2023 amid a large influx of illegal aliens. The news comes as the city enacted significant budget cuts to handle the ongoing migrant crisis, which Adams says endangers the future of the city.

The report from the mayor’s office states that the city saw homelessness increase 53% from July to August 2023, compared to the same portion of 2022.

According to the city’s Department of Homeless Services, the increase was heavily caused by “the unprecedented increase in entrants, primarily asylum seekers who made up over half of all entrants during the period.”

The city reported that there were almost 84,000 people in its shelters on average during the period. This compares to just under 55,000 the previous year. According to the report, the increase in illegal aliens caused a 147% increase in shelter entries for families with children and almost tripled the new inflows of adult families.

The city has attempted to handle the increased flow of migrants, including after photos of migrants sleeping on the street were released last year. Adams ordered a maximum stay at the shelters of 60 days last year and then shortened it further to 30 days. Overall, the city has 210 emergency shelters open across the city.

The increase in homelessness and the number of migrants in the city has also caused a tent city to grow near one of the shelters. This includes the use of more than $100 hotels. The cost to taxpayers so far has been more than $1 billion.

Furthermore, city hospitals have seen a sharp increase in the number of individuals using the city-run health insurance program for illegal aliens.

Recently, city officials expressed concerns after a series of fights and a stabbing at a shelter used to house migrants. The city also closed one of its high schools to house migrants sheltered at a former airfield during cold temperatures, drawing the ire of parents.

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