NYC Welfare Payments Reach Recent High

New York City spent more on welfare programs than at any point in more than a decade as the city struggles with an ongoing budget crisis sparked by a large influx of migrants. The news came as New York has faced increased crime and public disorder in recent years.

In 2023, the Big Apple provided welfare for more than 720,00 residents, which was the highest figure since 2014 or below. Overall, the city spent almost $2.5 billion on welfare programs, which is partially paid for by taxes from New York State and the federal government.

This figure was well above the almost $2 billion the city budgeted in the last budget year. This is also much higher than the little more than $1.5 billion allotted for the 2022 budget year.

Overall, the increase in welfare recipients is 17% higher than in 2022. This is 30% higher than the more than 550,00 who received such benefits in 2021.

New York has seen more than 170,000 migrants entering the city over the past two years. The increase in population placed a number of city services under strain, precipitating a 5% cut to the city’s budget.

As part of the cuts, New York slashed funding for public library access and reduced the number of members of the New York Police Department (NYPD) officers for training, despite the higher crime rate.

Furthermore, the city has spent more than $1 billion on the migrants, including placing thousands into the city’s shelters, hotels and a former airfield. Conditions at the shelter and a number of fights involving migrants have attracted attention in recent months.

New York may have to raise taxes to cover the more than $7 billion projected spend for caring for the migrants.

Perhaps the most notable recent case was an attack last week by migrants on two NYPD officers, which resulted in seven arrests. However, law enforcement released the suspects. Four of these illegal aliens are believed to have fled to California.

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