Police Shoot And Kill Knife Attacker

French police said that they stopped a stabbing attack by an African migrant this week by shooting and killing him. The incident followed a number of similar attacks since the start of the Israel-Hamas war in October, including the murder of a French teacher.

According to law enforcement, a Sudanese migrant attempted to attack passengers on public transit with a butcher’s knife.

The 40-year-old was dressed in Islamic garb carrying a book inscribed in Arabic while carrying the knife, according to police.

Around 3 a.m. local time, the man took out the knife and attempted to attack a passenger. After police were notified, they called on the man to drop the weapon. He responded only in Arabic and did not let go of the knife.

The police used tasers on the man, but he attempted to attack the officers. Police open fire and killed him with a shot to the head. The incident is now under investigation.

The incident this week came just over a week after another stabbing attack left three people injured in Paris.

In another incident earlier this month a Jewish man was stabbed six times while walking in Paris following the attacker allegedly saying anti-Jewish statements prior to the attack. The attacker fled but was later captured.

France has deployed about 7,000 additional police to deal with increased violence since the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

There have been a number of other stabbing attacks since the ongoing conflict in the Middle East began last year. Late last year a teacher was murdered and thee others were injured by a former student believed to be a radical Muslim.

Late in 2023, six students were convicted for their role in attacking and beheading another French teacher in 2020.

Law enforcement described the attack that killed Samuel Paty as an Islamist plot. The teacher had shown cartoons of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed in class. The attacker himself was a Chechen migrant who was killed by police. Six others, who were all minors at the time of the attack, were convicted of either aiding the attack or lying about the incident.

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