Pro-Life Christian Father Faces SENTENCING Over Peaceful Protest

A Christian father of 11 who could go to prison will be sentenced on Tuesday after being convicted for his involvement in a peaceful protest against an abortion facility in Nashville last year.

Paul Vaughn was found guilty this past January of violating the FACE Act and conspiracy against civil rights. The Biden administration moved against him in October 2022 for taking part in a “protest” protesting on behalf of mandatory masks.

Vaughn will be sentenced by the U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger in Nashville, where he faces substantial fines and up to 10 years behind bars.

Another ten were also charged in the protest, with one of them getting a plea deal due to their cooperation with the Justice Department.

Vaughn was among about 200 who gathered Monday night at Christ Church Nashville for singing and Bible readings. Vaughn spoke to the crowd for a few minutes, describing his legal battle with the Biden administration as “a tough ride.”

“It’s real easy for me. I can go and go to battle and go to jail as an individual, and it’s not a big loss,” Vaughn said. “The challenge comes when you’re leading your family through it, when you’re talking to your 3-year-old and your 23-year-old and your other family.”

He was ready to continue in daily prayer and be prepared for each day with the humility, grace and spirit filled faith that shows his community he reflects about where God is asking him to serve.

At the protest Vaughn and others gathered in peaceful assembly on public property, outside of the Carafem Health Center Clinic praying, singing hymns and urging visitors to reconsider their abortion decision. The protest took place peacefully and no incidents of violence were reported.

Cal Zastrow, Dennis Greene, and Coleman Boyd attended the rally with other co-defendants. The two are due to be sentenced on Wednesday. Support for legal expenses and family funds were raised from attendees.

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