Republican Healthcare AD Highlighting Obesity Released – Dems FURIOUS

The Democratic Senator in Wisconsin’s election is out with a new video ad attacking the Republican candidate for suggesting fat people should pay more healthcare.

The X post (which was a political ad for Ad Impact Politics) called out Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) in the first sentence under “Spent by Campaign: $14.5 million.”

“This is the most ridiculous ad I’ve seen this cycle,” the Senator Baldwin said.

A black woman in the ad says: “How much I weigh is nobody’s business.”

Then another woman chimes in, “But Eric Hovde wants to make it his.”

A guy comes in to say, “Eric Hovde thinks that if you’re overweight, insurance companies should charge you more.”

The video then segues to a clip of Hovde speaking, “There should be consequences to those personal choices. Fine, if you want to do that, your health care is gonna cost more.”

“How insulting is that?! ” responds the black woman.

The ad is a dig at an article from the Daily Beast attacking the GOP contender for saying something along the lines of some overweight people are making decisions to worsen their health outcomes.

Hovde told a local channel in 2012: “You become obese, your healthcare is going to cost more.

“Look, we have an explosion of Type 2 diabetes right now. Explosion. Obesity is off the charts. You know, we’re removing people from being responsible for their own health,” he added. “If they all of a sudden started to realize that they’re going to pay more for their health care by consuming, you know, by consuming massive amounts of soda every day or fatty foods and not exercising, maybe they would change their behavioral patterns.”

It also contained quotes from various experts alleging that obesity is not just a matter of personal responsibility or willpower.

“It’s a pretty awful and dangerous thing to say,” said obesity researcher Dr. Melanie Jay.

The ad was soon making the rounds on social media, where it drew both praise and mockery.

One reply deemed: “This is the most ridiculous ad I’ve seen this cycle,”

“Speaking as someone who is over 400 lbs…. YES. If you are obese your healthcare SHOULD cost more,” read another response.

But many took issue with the fat shaming sentiment.

“Losing weight and keeping it off isn’t just a matter of dieting. Obesity is a very complex problem involving many factors. I hope all of you that shame you obese people get fat!” read one response.

The outcome of the pivotal election will decide which party controls the U.S. Senate, presently 50-50 with Democrats in command through Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote.

Hovde has challenged Baldwin to three debates, but her campaign has only agreed to participate in one debate and refuses to send Baldwin to the other two.

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