Toxic Waste Found Under Public Park

Toxic waste was found under a public part of Long Island, raising health concerns in the New York suburb. The finding prompted an investigation by the New York State Department of Conservation (DEC), which announced that it would be removing the toxic waste.

The waste was found in the wealthy town of Oyster Bay. The community was previously a dumping ground for Northrup Grumman.

The waste allegedly included a number of chlorinated solvents and waste oil.

The state DEC was quick to state that the drums under the park is not a current threat to public safety.

The park is the site of a local baseball field, which was donated by Grumman after being used as a side for waste disposal.

Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino (R) called the waste “Grumman’s graveyard of contamination, we’ve been telling them for years that it’s a lot worse than they’re claiming.”

“Now these drums prove that, and it’s time for Grumman to get on the stick, show they’re responsible [and] clean up this site fully and ship all the contaminants off Long Island. The people of this community and this town deserve nothing less,” he said.

Local officials first knew that there was contamination at the site in 2002. Overall, the contamination is about two miles wide and more than two hundred feet below the surface. Some of the waste has descended down to about 900 feet below the ground.

The area was a dumping ground for Northrup Grumman, which was then known as Grumman Aerospace as well as the United States Navy. About 600 acres belonged to the Oyster Bay manufacturing center.

There are a number of lawsuits that allege health issues due to the waste in the town, including allegations of higher cancer rates.

Grumman said in a statement that the company “discovered several drums encased in concrete underground in a closed area of the Park. We promptly notified NYSDEC and other relevant stakeholders and we are working with NYSDEC to assess and address this situation as quickly as possible. We remain committed to protecting the health and well-being of the community and to continuing our partnership with NYSDEC and other government regulators to address environmental conditions in the area.”

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