Trump, DeSantis Meet In Florida

Former President Donald Trump met with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) late last week, representing the first time that the two men have spoken in three months. The move could increase public support for the former president and also stoke speculation over his future vice presidential pick.

Trump and DeSantis met in Miami in a meeting arranged by a mutual friend. As a result, it appeared that the two men came closer together and that DeSantis may help Trump with his fundraising efforts.

The visit increased speculation that DeSantis may be Trump’s vice presidential pick. However, Trump appeared to throw water on that idea when discussing possible choices in news interviews. Separately, DeSantis said that he was not interested in the position.

Trump has discussed other possible vice presidential nominees, including South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R), Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY). All three have developed into strong backers of the former president during his campaign.

DeSantis has stepped up his criticism of President Joe Biden, including regarding the current border situation. The governor used the border as one of the major elements of his presidential campaign.

The Florida governor emerged as one of the state leaders who sent migrants northward to a number of self-declared sanctuary states and cities, earning him national attention.

Despite this, DeSantis’ campaign for president did not take off, and he ultimately finished second in the Iowa caucus before announcing that he was dropping out.

At the very least, the meeting is expected to see DeSantis increase his campaigning for the former president. DeSantis endorsed Trump after ending his presidential bid earlier this year and called upon Republicans to come together.

However, Trump has publicly criticized DeSantis several times since his departure from the presidential primary.

The exact nature of the meeting has not been announced but could be a sign that different factions within the Republican Party were coming together as Trump faces President Joe Biden in the general election in November.

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