Trump Makes Major Gains Among Black Voters

Former President Donald Trump has made major gains among Black and Latino voters, according to recent polls. A senior adviser to the former president touted the improvement, which could play a pivotal role in November’s election.

Trump adviser Lynne Patton told Breitbart News that much of the shift toward Trump could be explained by her argument that “Everything was better under Trump.”

“Over 25 percent of Black voters in six different battleground states now support Donald Trump,” she said, citing that this would be the best result for a Republican in about 50 years.

“Why? Because like every American, Black and brown families are spending nearly $1,000 per month under Joe Biden on groceries and gas — more than the standard of living that they did under Donald J. Trump. And the bottom line is, because everything was better with Trump,” she said. “We missed getting more bang for our buck, and we know that only Donald Trump can bring that back.”

The former president has roughly doubled his support among Black voters since his 2020 showing. The approximately 23% he is currently polling would be about triple the vote share he received among the group in 2016.

A better showing among Black and Latino voters could hand Trump a number of states he would need to win in November. The increase in Black voters could improve Trump’s prospects in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Pennsylvania, all of which he narrowly lost in 2024.

In addition, the improvement in Latino voters could also help Trump in states such as Arizona, Nevada and Georgia.

Trump’s improvement among the different demographic groups also comes amid a number of polls that show him beating President Joe Biden. This includes significant improvement in national polls, with Trump now edging the former president in most major polls.

The upswing also aids the former president in a number of statewide polls taken in recent months. Trump now leads in most swing states that could decide the November election. This includes most of the states where a shift in Black and Latino voting patterns could have the most effect.

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