Trump Opens Lead In Michigan

Former President Donald Trump built a lead over President Joe Biden in Michigan, according to a recent poll. The news came as the former president appears to be gaining in a number of national and swing state polls.

According to the latest Mitchell Research & Communications, Inc. the former president now has the support of 49% of Michigan’s residents. This compares to 47% who support Biden.

Trump also leads when the poll asks about independent candidates. In this scenario, Trump carries 46% of the vote compared to Biden’s 45%. Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would receive 5%.

Internal polling figures could also spell bad news for Biden. Voters responded that the economy was the most important issue. Trump has consistently led other polls on the question of who would handle the economy better.

The former president has focused on the state, holding a rally there earlier this month.

The result in Michigan could ultimately decide the 2024 election. The state has gone back and forth in recent elections. The former president was the first Republican to win the state in several decades when he defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton there in 2016. However, Biden narrowly won the state in 2020.

The state has also been the epicenter of a growing effort to reject Biden by traditionally Democratic Party-friendly voters. Muslim American leaders called on their followers to vote for ‘uncommitted’ rather than for Biden in the Democratic Party presidential primary.

Furthermore, a national movement is seeking to have Muslim Americans not vote for Biden in November. It is not clear whether or not the movement would vote for Trump, but any significant defections could cost Biden the state.

The declining support for Biden among Muslim Americans could affect him in Minnesota, as well. The state, like Michigan, has a small but electorally significant Muslim American minority.

The increasing support for Trump in swing states means that Biden can hardly afford to lose any states that he carried in 2020. Trump is currently leading in most swing states, according to recent polls.

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