Trump Says He Will Be Freed On Nov. 5

Former President Donald Trump described himself as a political prisoner, arguing that he would be set free by the American people in the Nov. 5 general election. He separately accused the Biden administration of coordinating the several criminal prosecutions against him.

Trump said that he was a “political prisoner of a failing nation,” in a social media post. “But I will soon be free on Nov. 5,” calling it the “most important day in the history of our country.”

“And, we will together, make America great again. Thank you,” he added.

The most recent statement came after the former president and his legal team said that they would appeal the conviction all the way to the Supreme Court. Trump’s attorney Alina Habba argued that there were multiple issues with the trial, including not allowing a witness to testify on behalf of Trump.

The former president also held a press event last week, stating that he believed the entire trial was “rigged.” Many of his comments last week echoed his most recent statement.

Trump previously said that the prosecution by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) was “done by the Biden administration in order to hurt an opponent, a political opponent.”

This was a rigged decision right from day one, with a conflicted judge who should have never been allowed to try this case, never,” he added.

“We’ll keep fighting. We’ll fight till the end, and we’ll win because our country’s gone to hell,” said Trump.

During his press event last week, the former president touched on a number of topics and also said that the county was in “serious decline,” similar to his statement this week.

The former president focused on multiple elements of the trial and called New York Judge Juan Merchan “conflicted.”

However, the former president also cited a poll taken after the conviction that showed him leading Biden. He said that many Americans would support him regardless of the jury’s decision.

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