Trump To Campaign In Minnesota

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign announced this week that he would travel to Minnesota for a rally, marking the second major effort in a traditionally blue state in the last week. The former president’s decision followed a warm welcome from thousands of supporters in New Jersey over the weekend.

Trump will travel to the Minnesota Republican Party’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner later this week. A Republican has not won the state since former President Richard Nixon in 1972.

“It’s not like, in my opinion, that blue,” said Trump. “We’re going to put a heavy move into Minnesota, I promise.”

House Majority Whip Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) said that the GOP will “end the failed policies of the Biden Administration and get this country back on track.”

Trump’s campaign decision also came as Trump received significant support from traditionally blue states following campaign rallies. The decision to hold rallies in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania made a crucial difference in Trump emerging victorious in each state there in 2016.

The former president held a rally in New Jersey on Saturday, drawing thousands. The Trump campaign estimated that the crowd may have been as large as 100,000.

No Republican presidential candidate has won the state since 1988, but Trump declared that he would in November. The former president also said that he planned to make a major push in his former home state of New York.

Following his criminal court proceedings in New York, the former president was welcomed by dozens of cheering supporters. He also brought pizza to members of the New York Fire Department (NYFD) and received significant support.

Trump said last year that he planned to make a major push for a number of other states won by Democrats in recent presidential campaigns. This included not only New Jersey but also Minnesota.

The former president also received news that he is within 1% of Biden in Virginia, which no GOP presidential candidate has won in 20 years.

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