Censure Resolution Introduced Against Omar

Articles of censure were introduced to the House of Representatives against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) this week over allegations of antisemitic statements regarding the current conflict in the Middle East. The measure occurred just weeks after Omar’s daughter was arrested for trespassing during an occupation of a college in New York City.

Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE) introduced the measure, accusing the Minnesota Democrat of making antisemitic statements.

“The recent remarks by Rep. Omar about Jewish American students being pro-genocide shows her increasing disregard for the Jewish people and she is perpetuating and increasing antisemitism in our country,” Bacon said.

“The House of Representatives needs to take a strong stand and condemn these divisive and racist remarks that she has made and those who continue to excuse her egregious behavior must stop,” he added.

The resolution cites a number of Omar’s statements including the “political influence” in the United States inferring that American Jews are instead loyal to Israel, which is often used as an antisemitic trope.

She also stated that a prominent Jewish organization was attempting to purchase political influence through money.

This is not the first time that Omar received such criticism. She was condemned by the Congressional Democratic Leadership over statements made in 2019 and prior.

Furthermore, in early 2023 the representative was removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee over what Bacon called “numerous antisemitic and other problematic statements regarding the United States’ democratic ally Israel.”

The representative has also accused Israel of being an “apartheid” state and that it is committing “genocide” against the people of Gaza during its current war against the terrorist organization Hamas.

Omar visited Columbia University following her daughter’s arrest and was asked about the safety of Jewish students on campus. The representative spoke to the protesters and supported their cause.

The representative, as part of the socialist ‘Squad’ members of Congress has regularly voted against measures intended to aid Israel and at one point stated that Israel had “hypnotized” the world.

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