Habba Touts Trump Campaign After Verdict

Alina Habba, an attorney for former President Donald Trump, said last week that the former president would not let the criminal conviction in New York stand in his way. The comments came after the former president promised to appeal the jury’s decision.

The attorney said that the Trump legal team would go to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Habba said that there were “incredible constitutional violations” during and after the trial. She cited a gag order against both her and the former president. Trump argued that the order placed on him by New York Judge Juan Merchan violated his First Amendment.

She said that it was a “sad thing for our country, to be honest.” She argued that the Biden administration attempted to go after the former president. She cited President Joe Biden smiling when asked about Trump’s trial following a press event.

“We are in trouble and need to act now,” said Habba, citing the importance of the election.

Habba told Fox Business that Manhattan District Attorney Bragg (D) influenced the jury. “We don’t know what the crime is,” Habba said. She argued that the former president’s legal team were not allowed to bring in an expert and tax information.

She said that the Trump team had “voluminous” evidence backing him.

The attorney has been one of the strongest proponents of the former president, defending him against civil penalties in recent defamation and alleged fraud cases.

Habba also accused Bragg of not originally wanting to prosecute Trump for charges stemming from an alleged short relationship between Trump and former adult actress Stormy Daniels.

“When did they bring the charges?” asked Habba. She said that Bragg decided to prosecute the case after Trump announced his 2024 candidacy, calling it an “affront to our justice system.”

She said that other prosecutors considered the charges but ultimately passed on them before Bragg started the prosecution that led to the 34 felony verdicts last week.

Trump denies all wrongdoing in the case.

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