Iran Claims Victory In Israel Attack

The Islamic Republic of Iran claimed victory in its rocket and drone attack against Israel over the weekend. The claim came amid no deaths in Israel and international condemnation of the attack.

Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) commander, General Hossein Salami said that his country was successful in its attack on Israel.

He claimed that while the country was still collecting information but claimed that many of the missiles and drones hit Israel and that “this operation has been carried out with a success that exceeded the expectation.”

The general further said that Israel will “regret its past actions and take a lesson from Iran’s attacks,” claiming any reaction from Israel to Iran’s recent attacks would be met “with a much stronger response.”

The Iranian attack caused only one casualty in Israel, injuring a young girl. However, the vast majority of the missiles either failed to launch, crashed or were shot down.

Israel reported about a 99% interception rate against the Iranian projectiles. Israel utilized a series of missiles and fighter jets to shoot down the projectiles, including before they entered Iranian airspace. This included one interception that apparently occurred in space.

Israel received considerable support from a number of countries during the attack. This included from the United States and the United Kingdom, which aided in shooting down the rockets and drones.

In addition, several Arab states helped Israel during the incident. Egypt stated that it activated its anti-air defenses during the attack, although it was not clear that it shot down any of the Iranian projectiles. Jordan shot down a number of the drones and rockets that were transiting over its airspace. An Iranian missile landed in Jordan and killed three people.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia apparently aided Israel during the attack. A Saudi source said today that he believed that Iran was behind the Oct. 7 attack on Israel by the Hamas terrorist organization with the intent of breaking up the peace process in the Middle East.

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