NY Court To Consider Reversing Trump Gag Order

A New York appeals court accepted a request by former President Donald Trump’s legal team to consider whether or not to reverse a gag order in one of his criminal cases. The decision could have a significant impact on the trial, potentially delaying its start and finish or reversing the order that limits Trump’s ability to speak on certain aspects of the case.

The Appellate Division First Department will consider whether or not to reverse the gag order placed by New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan during the trial regarding allegations that Trump paid money to former adult film actress Stormy Daniels after a reported brief relationship.

Trump’s attorney Emil Bove said that the order placed “irreparable harm” on the former president. Trump is restricted from criticizing the judge, court staff, jurors and the prosecution due to the gag order.

The jury selection for the case is expected to start next week. Barring any delays, the outcome could be known by June.

The Trump legal team was denied another motion that hoped to delay the court trial altogether.

Last week the former president criticized Merchan in what could amount to a violation of the judge’s gag order.

The former president wrote that the judge was “not allowing” him to talk, which he argued was “violating the Law and the Constitution, all at once.”

“It is so bad what he is trying to get away with – How was he even chosen for this case???” The former president argued that Merhan “fought like hell to get it, and all the rest of them also.”

He called Merchan a “Partisan hack” and said that if the judge wanted to place him in jail for “speaking the open and obvious TRUTH,” it would be a “GREAT HONOR” to become “a Modern Day Nelson Mandela.”

Trump said that he was “willing to sacrifice my Freedom” for the “worthy cause” of saving the country from “Political Operatives masquerading as Prosecutors and Judges.”

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