Poll: Increased Doubt About Biden’s Abilities

Americans have less faith in President Joe Biden’s ability to run the country than this time four years ago according to a recent poll. The decline in support for the president is likely very good news for former President Donald Trump, who leads Biden in a number of recent national and statewide surveys.

According to the Gallup poll, the president is rated lower than Trump on a number of crucial issues, including his ability to run the country and care about the average American. According to the survey, 39% of Americans believe that Biden could “manage the government effectively,” compared to 52% in 2020.

Furthermore, 48% of Americans said that Biden “cares about people like them” compared to 52% in 2020. A minority of the population 46% said that Biden was honest and trustworthy, compared to 52% four years ago.

Trump registered a number of positive polling results. When asked about whether he could run the country, 49% of Americans agreed, compared to 48% in 2020. Furthermore, the former president led on the question of being a “strong and decisive leader.” A full 57% agreed with the sentiment, compared to only 38% for Biden. When asked about who shows “good judgment in a crisis,” 45% said Trump and 40% said Biden.

The former president now leads Biden in six of seven crucial swing states, according to a recent Wall Street Journal poll. The survey found that the only state Trump doesn’t lead is Wisconsin, in which the two candidates are tied.

In addition, the former president has improved considerably among a series of demographic groups. Trump has made major improvements among Black and Latino voters, and in some polls leads the latter group outright.

The decline in support for Biden among Black and Latino voters could have a large impact on his chances of reelection in November. This could include potential losses for Biden in states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, which he won narrowly in 2020.

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