Poll Shows Increasing Concern Over Immigration

A recent poll showed that an increasing share of Americans are concerned about the future of the country, especially related to immigration and terrorism. The increased focus on the flow of illegal immigrants into the country also coincides with a string of positive polls for former President Donald Trump.

The most recent Gallup poll found concern regarding a number of issues facing Americans. When asked which was the issue most important to them, the highest response was inflation. However, immigration and terrorism have both increased in concern.

Illegal immigration was cited by 48% of voters, up from 41% last year. This included the percentage of Democrats concerned about the issue increasing from 14% to 27%.

In a separate question, Gallup asks Americans to state their own top issue facing the country, without making a specific recommendation. This portion showed immigration as the top concern, with 28% responding to the policy.

The number of Americans concerned about a terrorist attack in the United States increased from 36% to 43%.

A separate Fox News poll found that 67% of voters disapprove of Biden’s handling of the immigration issue, with only 30% approving of his efforts.

The poll result corresponds with a large wave of illegal immigrants that have entered the country since President Joe Biden took office in 2021. Overall, more than seven million migrants are believed to have entered the country in the past three years.

This includes an estimated three million migrants in 2023 alone. December 2023 saw the largest number of attempted migrant crossings in U.S. history, reaching more than 300,000 for the first time.

Furthermore, the increased flow of illegal immigrants comes amid a legal standoff between the state of Texas and the Biden administration. Texas has attempted to secure its border, despite several lawsuits from the Justice Department against its efforts.

Texas utilized its own resources through Operation Lone Star to stem the flow of migrants into the country, as well as passing a law making illegal entry into Texas a state crime.

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