Stabbing Attack Kills One In Germany

A stabbing attack by an Afghan national killed at least one person and left several others wounded in Germany last week. The incident came amid a wider wave of Islamist attacks on the continent since the outbreak of the current war in the Middle East in October.

The Afghan national stabbed several people at a political rally in Mannheim, Germany on Friday. The police officer stabbed and wounded in the incident has subsequently died. The assailant was shot and wounded and taken into custody.

The attack occurred at an event for the group Pax Europa, which describes itself as against political Islam. The attack stabbed and wounded five members of the group.

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said that the government was still investigating a possible motive for the attack. However, she said that if the attack proves to be motivated by religion, it would be “another confirmation of the great danger from Islamist acts of violence that we have been warned of.”

The attack was also decried by German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz, who called it “absolutely unacceptable in our democracy.”

The Pax Europa group said that one of its leaders, Michael Stuzerngerger suffered “severe stab wounds to his face and leg.” The entire incident was caught on camera.

The stabbing incident in Germany is not the only one of its type. There have been a number of attempted attacks and attacks across different parts of Europe, especially France. Last year a teacher was stabbed and killed and another person injured by a Chechen national.

There have also been several attempted attacks in and around Paris, including near the Eiffel Tower.

France has responded to the attacks with stronger immigration measures. In one case, France deported a radical imam to North Africa.

Furthermore, the attacks have also coincided with significant anti-Israel protests. Cities such as London have been flooded with pro-Palestinian protesters on several occasions since last October.

The protests and attacks came amid increasing concern about the risk of violence in Europe and beyond.

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