Trump Promises To Deport Anti-Israel Protesters

Former President Donald Trump reportedly promised to deport pro-Palestinian protesters, according to a recent report. The comment came after weeks of protests at college campuses, including widespread accusations of antisemitism.

Trump allegedly told donors earlier this month that “any student that protests, I throw them out of the country. You know, there are a lot of foreign students. As soon as they hear that, they’re going to behave.”

“Well, if you get me elected, and you should really be doing this, if you get me reelected, we’re going to set that movement back 25 or 30 years,” Trump said. He also accused the student protesters of attempting to set up a “radical revolution.”

During the event the former president touted his own record in the Middle East, including recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

The former president also had harsh words for President Joe Biden. “How can a Jewish person vote for a Democrat and Biden in particular — but forget Biden. They always let you down,” he added.

The reported comments came just weeks after similar comments by the former president. He said that in a second Trump term, college campuses would not be taken over by radicalism.

Trump said that if someone came from another country “and try to bring jihadism or anti-Americanism or antisemitism to our campuses, we will immediately deport you. You’ll be out of that scool.”

Trump’s comments came after Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) called for non-citizens participating in the protests to be deported. Rubio made the comment as he is reportedly on Trump’s shortlist for a running mate.

“If you’re in America on a student visa and you’re supporting Hamas, then it’s time for you to go!” he wrote on social media.

“What I am saying is common sense,” Rubio said last year. “You’re a visitor; you’re not even American; you’re a foreign national. You’re here because we gave you a visa to be here temporarily, and now you’re out there defending and supporting Hamas, a terrorist organization?”

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