Trump Wins Near-Sweep On Super Tuesday

Former President Donald Trump won nearly all of the primary nominating contests Tuesday against former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R). The strong results for the former president place him significantly closer to clinching the Republican nomination for November and were lauded by Trump himself.

The former carried twelve contests during the ‘Super Tuesday’ spate of primary elections. He emerged victorious in Virginia, California, North Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Massachusetts, Colorado, Maine, Alabama, Arkansas and Minnesota.

Trump called the results an “amazing night” on Tuesday.

“Rarely has politics seen anything quite like this,” said the former president.

“It is my honor to represent not just the Republican Party but our country in leading it back to health and prosperity,” Trump said.

The former president further said he was working to “unify this country and unify this party.”

“We have a great Republican Party with tremendous talent and we want to have unity and we’re going to have unity and going to happen very quickly,” he said. “I have been saying lately, success will bring unity to our country.”

Following the victories, the Trump campaign said that its candidate “dominated Super Tuesday in convincing fashion in ways that have never been done. There is no doubt— President Trump is the nominee and he will go on to defeat Crooked Joe Biden.”

Trump’s wins on Tuesday also follow a number of significant victories over the weekend. The former president won caucuses or conventions in Missouri, Idaho and Michigan. He won in North Dakota on Monday.

Haley’s victory in Vermont is her first in a state primary. Over the weekend she defeated Trump in the Washington D.C. primary. The former president likened D.C. to the ‘swamp’ and said that he did not campaign in the district.

Apart from the two victories for Haley, Trump has won every other contest he has been involved in. In Nevada, Trump won that state’s caucus. In the Nevada state primary, which he did not enter, Haley came in second behind an option for none of the above.

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