Wisconsin Democratic Party Passes Pro-Palestinian Message

The Wisconsin Democratic Party issued a statement criticizing the Israeli operation in Gaza this week, marking a potential political football in the November election. The decision could further cause the swing state to push toward former President Donald Trump, who has shown strength in polls there against President Joe Biden.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire during the current conflict between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas.

The measure passed 136-91.

The resolution called the current war against the terrorist group “genocide.” and “an egregious violation of humanitarian law.”

While the Wisconsin Democrats passed a separate measure condemning antisemitism, it removed a line that read “antisemitic incidents have skyrocketed nearly 400% since the October 7, 2023, Hamas attacks on Israel, according to Anti-Defamation League data.”

The statement also came as Biden has lost significant support among Muslim Americans and Arab Americans since the Hamas terrorist attack last Oct. 7. A number of Muslim American leaders accused the president of being too supportive of Israel during its current war.

A series of polls have shown weakness for the president in other swing states, including several with a small but electorally significant Muslim minority. This includes Michigan and Minnesota.

Trump has shown special strength in Michigan, which he won in 2016 but narrowly lost in 2020. He is also attempting to win Minnesota, which no Republican presidential nominee has carried in more than 50 years.

Furthermore, some Muslim American leaders called on their followers to vote for ‘uncommitted’ over Biden in the Democratic Party presidential primary. The result in Michigan was significantly higher than the original stated goal.

One of the leaders of the Wisconsin resolution, Heba Mohammed, was also involved in an effort to have state Democrats vote “uninstructed” in the primary. This effort attracted 48,000 votes.

“So, if Joe Biden has any common sense, he’ll listen to what happened in April and to what happened today,” Mohammed said. He also said that he would not be voting for Biden in November.

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